For district heating and cooling, heating and cooling, and central heating infrastructure, Jekon valves and controls and motorized management valves 3-way offer reliable and precise management of water, glycol mixes, and steam. This improves temperature control, dependability, and the system’s energy savings. The person who uses it will experience more comfort as a result of everything. Ordinary and pressure-relieved control valves for use in the most demanding applications are both included in the motorized control valve 3-way line.

For practically every application, including home hot-water systems, district cooling, steam, and central and decentralized heating systems, Jekon Valves & Controls offers a wide selection of control valves and actuators. Our control valves and actuators are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and connection types for maximum versatility.


Additionally, they provide a variety of unique features and functionalities to meet the needs of each unique application. Our most recent solutions, which have established a track record for reliability and quality on a global scale, are offered at various price points to meet the financial requirements of every project. The control abilities of the motorized control valve 3-way range are based on a variety of characteristics, including split characteristics for DHW applications using heat exchangers as well as linear and logarithmic characteristics. This means that rapid, warm water may still be provided while even the most demanding control requirements for district cooling are able to be met. With regard to DHW systems, the low slope of the split feature in this portion of the stroke allows steady control of the valve in the crucial region just before shutting.

Features and advantages

  • Less time, money, and effort need to be spent on easy selection, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.
  • Among the most demanding systems, excellent control performance
  • Due to the electromotor’s built-in thermic and overload protection, reliability and operational safety have gotten better.

Salient Features:

  • Durable performance
  • Reasonable pricing
  • High in Quality
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • versatile application